Household products are about as mundane as it gets for most people. For some, though, they’re a dangerous temptation.

Many solvents – gasoline, aerosols, glues, and cleaners – give off fumes. These fumes often have mood-altering effects when inhaled, providing troubled (or curious) people a means of getting high without purchasing illegal drugs. Other inhalants used for medical purposes – nitrous oxide, ether, and nitrite drugs – come with their own risks when abused.

None of these products were meant for human consumption, meaning users run serious health risks when they engage in inhalant abuse. Inhalants can damage the liver, lungs, and kidneys over time. Worse, inhalant abuse is particularly tempting for children in their early teens.

The toxic nature of inhalant abuse means professional help is critically important. Detoxing from these substances should be done in a professional, monitored environment.