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8 Signs You're Smoking Too Much Marijuana

Cannabis is often considered a safe drug because there is not a risk of overdose. That does not mean you can smoke to your heart's content and be fine.

Using too much cannabis can feel frightening rather than relaxing. Using too much of it is not safe or pleasant. Cannabis use disorder is a recognized substance use disorder, and it’s possible to get addicted to marijuana. Whether you are an experienced user or not, it is important to recognize the signs of smoking too much.

8 Signs You're Smoking Too Much Marijuana

Smoking too much cannabis/marijuana can be dangerous to your health ... and may contribute towards addiction.

8 Signs Of Cannabis Abuse

It is important to note that there are no reported deaths from a cannabis overdose, but overusing it has other unpleasant side effects. Too much marijuana or using it too often can result in uncomfortable mental and physical symptoms.

The signs are not medical in most cases but can result in panic and intense fear. If you have heart problems, the effects can be physically dangerous.

The most common signs of smoking too much are:

#1. Nausea: Marijuana is prescribed in some states because of its ability to fight nausea and improve appetite. If it is causing nausea, it is likely a sign that you are using too much.

#2. Paranoia: It can be common to experience paranoia when high, but if it is something you repeatedly feel when smoking marijuana, it is a sign that you are using too much or too often. Paranoia when smoking can be related to getting caught as it is illegal in most states. Getting physically jumpy and overreacting to certain stimuli is a sign of using too much.  

#3. Dizziness: Being dizzy is not rare when using marijuana, but it is a bad sign if unmanageable. Being high can induce a feeling of lightheadedness. If you feel like you are spinning and if the sensation continues when you are lying down, you are probably pushing your limit.

#4. Anxiety: Cannabis can be used to treat anxiety. Because it usually counteracts the effects of anxiety, the opposite effect is worrisome.

#5. Sleepiness: Drowsiness and marijuana tend to go hand in hand as it is used to treat insomnia. Even so, drowsiness is not as intense unless you are using too much. If you are using it to boost your mood, it should not cause severe drowsiness to the point of falling asleep in inappropriate places or at off-hours.

#6. Dry Mouth: Dry mouth or “cottonmouth” is standard when smoking marijuana. This is not because you are dehydrated, but because saliva production slows when smoking. Long-term use can lead to ongoing dry mouth. Without that lubrication, you are at risk of gum disease.

#7. Fast Heart Rate: As cannabis tends to slow things down, it is something to watch when it has the opposite effect. A fast heart rate usually stops when no longer under the influence, but for those with heart issues or high blood pressure, you should avoid cannabis.

#8. Addiction: You can develop a psychological addiction to marijuana. If that is the case, it is time to consider your circumstances and get help. Signs of marijuana addiction are:

  • Being high for more than two hours daily
  • Not being able to stop using
  • Failure to meet deadlines or complete tasks
  • Having cravings 
  • Spending a great deal of time and money on marijuana
  • Having trouble with memory loss
  • Taking risks while under the influence

Is It Dangerous to Smoke Too Much?

Although marijuana has not led to a direct overdose death, it can be risky. The symptoms of using too much cannabis are not toxic but can lead to complications or health problems down the line.

Those with mental health conditions may also be at greater risk. Although it is used to treat mental health problems, that is only when used correctly. Otherwise, it can lead to erratic behavior and more severe anxiety issues.

Making Sure You Don't Smoke Too Much

The symptoms of using too much marijuana are uncomfortable. Of course, you could not use any marijuana and prevent this altogether. If you want to enjoy the benefits of marijuana without going overboard, be sure you are taking your time.

Smoking or vaping lets you feel the effects quickly. This means you may smoke more than you planned to without realizing it.

You can also learn your limit. What is too much for some people may not be too much for you and vice versa. Be observant of how much you are using and take note of your safety limit.

If you find yourself in a situation where you believe you have smoked too much, stop. Drink water or juice. This will help with dry mouth and your comfort level. Do not try to counteract the effects by drinking alcohol or consuming caffeine.

If you are panicking, it is helpful to shower or splash some cold water on your face and neck.

Also, try to rationalize. Smoking too much will not affect you forever. This feeling is temporary. Go somewhere you feel safe and calm. The symptoms will pass, and you will learn how far is too far for you. 

Smoking Too Much Is A Bad Sign

Even if you feel okay now, the symptoms of too much marijuana use can show up later. You may also be unaware of the signs because you are often under the influence. Ensuring you cut back or stop using cannabis when noticing symptoms is important to your health and safety.

If you are observing signs of marijuana addiction, seeking help is the best choice. You can find a detox center that treats marijuana addiction so that you can get into recovery. If your marijuana use is poorly impacting your daily life, relationships, or finances, it is time to get some help. will make your search for reputable, evidence-based detox help far easier. We’ve got thousands of detox companies across the US listed on our directory. Find a detox center for you, your history, your budget, and your location is as easy as logging on.

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