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A “Yes” To These 10 Questions Might Mean You’re Addicted

Addiction can be hard to define and difficult to determine. Figuring out if you're addicted can bring up a lot of emotions. You may not want to admit it because it is a problem and something you'll need to work on every day if you are hoping to recover. You might feel disappointed in yourself if you grew up with a parent who was addicted. 

Where should you begin trying to determine whether you're addicted or not?

A “Yes” To These 10 Questions Might Mean You’re Addicted

What Is Addiction?

Knowing what addiction is will help you figure out if you fit the bill or not. 

Alcohol Research & Health defines addiction (also classified as dependence) as "a cluster of cognitive, behavioral, and physiological symptoms indicating that the individual continues the use of the substance despite significant substance-related problems."

Addiction is not something that everyone deals with, but when you are addicted, it will cause harm in your life, probably in several ways. It could interfere with your relationships, cause health problems, put you in physical danger, cause financial problems, and it doesn't end there.

Further, addiction isn't always as obvious as you might think. Many people struggling with addiction have full-time jobs, seem together, and don't behave the way you may have seen addiction portrayed in the media.

With that said, if you think you may be addicted to drugs or alcohol or another unhealthy substance or behavior, it is crucial to learn as much as you can about addiction to decide what to do moving forward.

10 Signs You May Have A Substance Abuse Problem

Addiction is not as rare as you might think; it just isn't discussed so openly. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association, it is estimated that more than 20 million Americans over the age of 12 have an addiction to alcohol or drugs.

If you think you may be addicted but aren't sure, seeking help will not hurt. Even if you aren't addicted, going to therapy or peer group meetings can help you understand your behavior and determine what issues you may be having.

If you aren't ready to take that step, asking yourself some questions and looking at the answers can help you determine whether you're addicted. 

#1. Has your drug or alcohol use affected your relationships?

Of course, this is a broad question but really think about it. Has anyone in your life decided to keep their distance from you or avoid spending time with you because of your substance use? Do you get angry when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol and pick fights with those close to you?

#2. Have you used drugs or alcohol as a method of self-medication?

Do you feel like you need drugs or alcohol to function? Do you think it soothes your anxiety or depression? Do you use to help deal with your struggles?

#3. Have you ever lied to a loved one about your substance use?

Do you keep your substance use a secret? Have you told someone you were sober when you weren't? Lying about it shows a pattern. When you conceal the truth, your substance use is something you're ashamed of or something you worry others will judge you for. If that is a concern, there is a reason for it.

#4. Do you continue to use drugs or alcohol despite the negative consequences?

Have you lost a job because of your substance use but continue to use? Has someone ended a relationship with you because of it? Have you lost your license, gotten into an accident, or even harmed someone but continued to use? 

#5. Do you experience withdrawal symptoms if you stop using drugs or alcohol?

Can you go a day, two days, a week without using substances? If you don't use them, do you experience flu-like symptoms? If you experience shakes or tremors, excessive sweating, anxiety, or depression when you don't use, you have withdrawal symptoms

#6. Do you avoid places and events where you can't use drugs or alcohol?

If you were invited to an event with no drugs or alcohol, would you decline for that reason? Do you spend less time with friends or family members that don't drink or use drugs?

#7. Are you unable to reach a high or the sensation you desire with the same amount you used to?

Do you have a higher tolerance? Do you need more than you used to in order to get the same feeling? 

#8. Is the desire for drugs or alcohol controlling you?

Are you in control of your urges, or do they control you? Will you leave an important meeting or moment to use? 

#9. Have you done anything risky or illegal to ensure you got to use?

Would you steal from a friend to fulfill an urge to use? Would you spend rent money or grocery money on drugs or alcohol? Taking risks like that shows that your need to use is greater than your desire to remain safe and signifies a major problem.

#10. Has a loved one expressed concern for your well-being due to your substance use?

If someone close to you has questioned you about your substance use or showed concern, there is likely an addiction. You may not see the signs, but those around you will. 

If you said yes to any or all of these questions, you should start seeking help. 

Detox Is The First Crucial Step On The Road To Recovery

Addiction is a serious disease. To recover from any addiction, you need to first recognize the signs that you are struggling and admit it. That can be the most challenging part of your recovery journey. Admitting you have a problem can feel like you're failing or can't manage on your own, but it shows great strength and a desire to get better. Learning as much as you can about addiction, how it works, and how it affects your life and the lives of those around you is essential for understanding if you're addicted or not. It can be hard to see the signs of addiction when you are addicted. You may be in denial but speaking to those close to you and analyzing your behavior can help you take the next step and enter an addiction center.

Finding a detox provider is your first step … but there’s plenty to choose from. is a great asset to have in your corner. With thousands of listings at your fingertips, finding a detox center near you is easier than ever. Start your search with today!

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