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Should I Detox From Home Or At A Facility?

The first step in the recovery process for many people is detox. 

During detox, your body and mind begin to adjust to life without the use of drugs or alcohol. As your body returns to its normal state, you experience withdrawal symptoms.  

These symptoms can be uncomfortable and even life-threatening. The severity at which you experience them will depend on the drug used, how often it was used, and how much you used.  

Still, you may be asking questions, such as, “Can I detox at home?” or “Do I require 24/7 medical assistance for detox?” 

While the decision is ultimately up to you, detoxing in a facility is much safer and more effective than detoxing at home.  

Addict detoxing at home.

The Dangers of Detoxing at Home 

Detoxing at home may sound nice at first. You have your own space and own room that allows you to be more comfortable. You may have a pet to comfort you through the process. Or you may even have loved ones there to help cheer you on as you experience withdrawal symptoms.  

However, detoxing at home is more dangerous than a medical detox. Both drug and alcohol detox are accompanied by withdrawal symptoms that can range in severity. While most people will be uncomfortable during withdrawal, some people may experience serious health complications.  

For example, severe alcohol abuse can lead to seizures during withdrawal. Even something as minor as diarrhea during opioid withdrawal can lead to dehydration and medical complications.  

If you are detoxing at home, you will be unable to get medical attention as quickly as you may need. If you are not in good health, this can be especially dangerous.  

You may not have the proper medicine on hand to address the physical symptoms. Also, while your loved ones may be there to help, they likely will not understand what you are going through or how to support you mentally. 

Even if you do not have any complications, the withdrawal symptoms during detox can leave you feeling physically ill and mentally drained. If you are at home, you are forced to try and navigate these symptoms on your own.  

Success Rates of At-Home Detox vs. Medical Detox 

A significant factor to consider when comparing at-home detox and medical detox in a professional facility is the success rate. Unfortunately, relapse is more likely to happen with an at-home detox as people are often trying to go through this process alone.  

As you experience withdrawal symptoms, your cravings for your substance of choice will increase. At home, it’s easy to give into cravings; . Cravings can get intense, and without someone to hold you accountable, you are more likely to use again. 

Is It Ever Safe to Detox at Home? 

While detoxing at home can be dangerous, those who have mild substance use disorders may be able to do so successfully.  

For example, detoxing at home may be an option for those suffering from marijuana addiction. Withdrawal symptoms from marijuana tend to be mild, ranging from sleep problems to loss of appetite.  

However, no matter the drug being used, it is crucial to speak to a medical professional before making this decision. Drugs such as marijuana can also lead to psychosis in some, which should be treated by professionals. A medical doctor can let you know whether it is safe to detox at home or not.  

Doctor working at a medical detox.

Safety With Medical Detox 

The most significant difference between detoxing at home and medical detox is safety. 

Due to the possible health complications of withdrawal symptoms, a medical detox is the safest way to detox from drugs or alcohol. Medical detox involves the supervision of medical professionals throughout the entire process. These professionals can act quickly if any complications arise or if withdrawal symptoms are severe. 

Comfort in a Medical Detox Facility 

While you may be comforted by your home, medical detox can help make you even more physically and mentally comfortable during the process of withdrawal. Because medical staff is present, they can help you ease the physical withdrawal symptoms throughout the process and help with the mental withdrawal symptoms. 

Detox can be physically and mentally draining, and a medical detox is designed to help you tackle both issues. While medication may be able to ease some of the physical pain, substance abuse therapies can start to address the psychological aspects of addiction. Together this comprehensive approach can lead to greater long-term success. 

Finding a detox program that works for you can be an intimidating process, however, it is necessary that whatever you choose is in the best interest of your health. We also realize that detox is not easy, which is why our primary goal is to make sure that your detox experience is as secure and comfortable as possible. When you visit, you will have access to the best detox centers closest to you. 

If you are currently struggling to manage your substance use disorder, then the time to seek help is now. Find out more by visiting and discover the opportunities and help you need.

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