The brand name for triazolam, Halcion is a prescription benzodiazepine medication chiefly used to treat severe insomnia. It’s also used as a sedative in medical procedures, and as a sleep aid for flights. While benzodiazepines have serious medical benefits for those who need them, Halcion’s fast-acting, short-lived effects make it an attractive drug to abuse.

What is Halcion?

Halcion abuse can cause intense feelings of euphoria and relaxation. This comes with a price, however – it’s easy to rapidly build up a tolerance to Halcion’s effects. A person needs to take larger amounts of Halcion to feel those same effects, leading to addiction – and overdose.

Treating Halcion addiction can be difficult and complex. Detoxing from Halcion abuse has to be done in a clinical detox setting to avoid potentially lethal complications.

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