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What Questions Should You Ask When Looking For Addiction Treatment?

If you are going to treatment, you may have an idea of which treatment center you want to go to. 

However, how can you be sure that it is the right center for you? 

Considering common questions people ask when looking for addiction recovery can help you make a good choice for your future.  

Is There a Detox Component? 

The first step of any program of recovery is detoxing. You cannot start to recover until you have done this. This is why it is so important that there is a detox component at the treatment facility that you decide to go to.  

You should also check whether the staff is properly trained to take you through the detox process, as detox can be challenging and even life-threatening for some people. Having staff who are trained in how to guide someone through detox makes it much easier and safer. 

You might also ask if the facility provides Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT). Having access to MAT will mean that you are much more comfortable, allowing a gradual reduction in the drugs in your system to help you begin a recovery that is less jarring than the one you will have from going “cold turkey.” 

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Is Good Quality Nutrition Provided? 

Nutrition is a vital part of recovery.  While you are addicted to alcohol or drugs, nutrition can take a backseat.  Sometimes, you might not eat for days. Other times the quality of the food you are eating is so poor that it is offering very little sustenance to your body.  The result of this is that you become even weaker than the toll from addiction has already inflicted on you. 

A treatment center that provides regular, nutritious meals can help you recover quicker and give you something to look forward to on days in treatment where you are struggling. 

How Long Are Your Programs? 

Depending on how severe your addiction has been, which drugs you were taking, your financial situation, and your responsibilities, it may be worth considering attending a treatment facility for a long period of time. 

Those who attend treatment for longer timeframes have higher chances of success than those who attend the standard 30-day treatment.  This does not mean that recovery is impossible for people who go for one month, just that it may be better for the recovery process for you to do this.  

It is worth checking with your intended treatment facility to see if they offer programs longer in length if this is what you want from your treatment experience. 

Can I Stay Longer if I Want To? 

Leaving treatment can be an emotional and challenging experience, and this is greatly compounded if you are not yet ready to leave. Be sure to ask the treatment center you intend on going to the length of their programs and whether you will be permitted to stay after the length of the program. 

The difference in having that bit of extra time to cement the lessons of recovery before you go back into the “real world” can be the difference between having a long-lasting recovery and one that is unfortunately short-lived. 

Are You Able to Treat Clients Who Have a Dual Diagnosis? 

If you are diagnosed with a mental health disorder in addition to substance use disorder, such as depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder, your treatment plan may be more complex than others. For people who have co-occurring disorders, it is absolutely crucial that the underlying mental health problems are treated at the same time as the addiction.  In these cases, merely treating the addiction is almost guaranteed to lead to relapse.  

Because of this, it is necessary that you talk with the treatment facility about how the staff treats dual diagnosis clients and how they can facilitate a program of recovery for these clients. 

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Does the Facility Work With Insurance Companies? 

If you have insurance, you might be surprised to learn that it will be accepted by some treatment facilities.  The team at the treatment center will be able to inform you of whether they accept insurance and what programs are available for those who do have insurance. 

Is the Facility Licensed and Accredited? 

It is vital that the treatment facility that you wish to attend is both licensed and accredited.  The best accreditation is usually considered JHACO (Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Health Care Organization).  

If a treatment center has accreditation such as this, you can be assured that the quality of care you will receive will be high, as the requirements of organizations such as these are rigorous, and they demand the highest quality of treatment for clients. 

Researching and asking questions are essential to building the confidence and courage you need to seek help for your addiction. can further assist you by providing quality information on detox centers closest to you. 

Our model for care will help you discover the best resources within your community. Our goal is to rebuild communities and advocate for individuals in communities that can’t advocate for themselves, which is why we strive to make recovery a priority in a town near you. 

If you or a loved one is in need of help, then the time to reach out is now.

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