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Places To Detox Near Me: What To Look For

It’s not easy to find places to detox from drugs and alcohol, even if you’re looking for a detox center near you:

What makes a good detox center? How will their programs help me or a loved one? What’s going to a detox center actually like? Is there a way to make drug detox easier? Where can I find places to detox near me?

Trying to decipher the language on many drug detox sites can be a challenge, too. Fortunately, the best qualities of a detox center are easy enough to find if you know what to look for.

Here’s a quick crash course on finding a place to detox near you.

"Where can I find places to detox near me?" is a question many people early in recovery ask.

Places to Detox Near Me: How to Find a Good Detox Center

While there are certainly benefits to moving away from where you live during drug rehab, it’s not always the possible choice for many.

Some people might be unwilling to leave the area they know and feel comfortable in. Others might find temporarily relocating too expensive. In those cases, it’s often best to find a detox center near you to start your recovery journey.

The thing is, though, you need to know what you’re looking for when you’re trying to find a detox center near you.

Here are a few qualities to look for:

Medical Supervision: Drug and alcohol detox can be medically complex. Substances such as alcohol, opioids, and benzodiazepines can be difficult to detox from, with potentially deadly complications in some extreme cases.

Detox centers need to have qualified medical staff available. They’re trained to recognize the complications of drug and alcohol detox and can provide medication or intervention if withdrawal symptoms become too intense.

Finally, reputable detox programs always start with a physical evaluation. Not only does this allow the center to provide truly effective care, it also

The Right Credentials: Always look for proper credentials when considering a drug and alcohol detox center. If they’re not on the center’s website, call up and ask. Reputable detox providers often have certificates or logos on their sites from third-party organizations who rate and judge medical facilities.

Look for certification from the Joint Commission Accreditation for Addiction Treatment (JCAHO) or the Commission on Accreditation of Rehab Facilities (CARF). Drug detoxes and rehabs need to work hard to get the seal of approval from these organizations. High safety standards, full compliance with HIPAA laws, and providing a high level of care are all qualities these organizations look for.

The Area the Detox Center is Located In: Detox isn’t easy, although it’s easier with professional detox. A person undergoing detox is going to feel very vulnerable, and outside (and inside!) distractions aren’t going to help.

Ideally, a detox center should be in a quieter, safe area. Although this isn’t always available, understand detox is much more successful when a person is comfortable and feels safe.

Compassionate Care: Compassion plays a giant role in effective addiction recovery.

Here’s why: Addiction creates intense feelings of guilt, fear, isolation, and shame. Plus, many people get addicted to drugs because they’re self-medicating past trauma or untreated mental disorders. Addiction is perhaps the most heavily stigmatized disease there is, and the combination of stigma and negative emotions are often intense roadblocks to receiving detox treatment.

When a person agrees to receive addiction care, they have to open themselves up and lose the emotional armor and blind spots addiction often creates. A good detox center counters this by providing a safe, friendly environment to detox in.

Bottom line: a detox center that welcomes and accepts its clients is going to have a much higher success rate than one that doesn’t.

Finally, Look for Transparency: Detox from drugs and alcohol should never be a mystery. If you’re struggling to find out what a detox center near you actually does, that’s a red flag to avoid.

A good detox center should state clearly and transparently what they do. When looking at their website, look for details like:

  • Who they treat
  • What you need to enroll in their detox program
  • How long does the drug & alcohol detox program last
  • The sort of treatment offered during detox
  • If they’re connected to a drug rehab or addiction center
  • If they offer additional care after detox, like inpatient or outpatient programs

Why “Places to Detox Near Me” Should Never Include Your Own Home

Detoxing from drugs and alcohol at your home (or by yourself) is both foolish and dangerous. As we’ve said, detoxing from many substances can be medically risky, and doing detox without medical supervision is very dangerous. Never try the so-called “cold turkey” method – it just doesn’t work very well.

Also, detoxing at home usually means lacking the support a good detox center provides. You’ll be detoxing through often-intense withdrawal effects without medication. Later, you probably won’t get any of the group and solo therapy detox centers often provide, meaning the root causes of substance abuse won’t get addressed, making relapse far more likely.

It's always best to detox at a professional detox center and then enter a drug rehab program. This is the best way to provide a successful, lasting foundation for recovery.

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