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10 Reasons To Find Detox With

Substance abuse mentally and physically harms people. Everyone deserves to live a happy, healthy life. The first step to this happy, healthy life?

Drug and alcohol detox.

What Is Drug & Alcohol Detox?

When trying to heal from substance use disorder (SUD), you will attend different forms of treatment. Detox is the first step. Detoxification slowly tapers toxins from your body, putting you into acute withdrawal. 

The symptoms of acute withdrawal can feel painful at best or lethal at worst. The length of withdrawal symptoms depends on the substance type, frequency of use, potency, and underlying conditions. For this reason, you should receive care in a detox center equipped for your circumstances. Fundamentally, withdrawal is easier with professional detox.


Drug & alcohol detox is the first step to a happier life. Find your detox center now with!

10 Reasons to Seek Drug & Alcohol Detox Through Us

#1. Specialized Programs: can help you find a detox center that caters to you or your loved one's specific circumstances. We understand the levels of severity within addiction withdrawal can change depending on the type of primary substance, length of use, potency, polysubstance use, and co-occurring disorders. Facilities are not equal across the board. A specialized detox program can help you heal better than a generalized substance program.

#2. Highest Standards of Care: You or your loved one deserves to receive the best health services available for SUD. Different facilities maintain various levels of treatment. Though every facility should hold a license in the United States, not all facilities comply with licensing regulations. Some detox facilities operate using unacceptable and dangerous practices. Increasing your likelihood of success, upholds the highest standards of care. We only partner with licensed, qualified facilities with a proven track record of success.

#3. Local vs. National Placement: The number of facilities that partners with allows us to offer both local and national placement. If you have a strong support system encouraging your sobriety journey, it may help to enter a local facility. If your only social system includes abusive individuals or others with SUD, you should consider a facility in a different state. Whichever option you choose, is ready to assist you.

#4. LGBTQ+ Inclusivity: works with many facilities that understand the unique needs of you if you are an LGBTQIA+ individual. Trans patients need gender-affirming care and inclusive pronoun policies. People of sexual minorities need recognition for their romantic or platonic life partners. General substance abuse centers often do not often think to offer these protections. We assist in providing this extra level of care if you are an LGBTQIA+ person seeking recovery.

#5. Social Detox vs. Medical Detox: Social detox and medical detox are the two frameworks for detox centers. In social detox, the medical team offers mental health support and group therapy. You will engage in more holistic treatments and will not receive any medication interventions. Social detox is only appropriate and safe if you have a mild SUD. Medical detox offers all the same benefits as social detox; however, you will receive medication-assisted treatment (MAT) from doctors and psychiatrists. Medications can help manage acute withdrawal symptoms. supports both forms of treatment. We understand that you might need different treatment models. We can place you or your loved one in the best facility for your needs.

#6. Dual-Diagnosis Program: According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, comorbid mental illnesses and substance use disorder occur often. Approximately 50% of people with SUD will develop another mental illness. The statistic applies in the opposite direction as well. That makes dual-diagnosis programs crucial while in treatment. can offer dual diagnosis programs if you or your loved one experiences multiple mental illnesses.

#7. Socioeconomic Consideration: Socioeconomic roles heavily influence the accessibility of treatment. A small group of people can afford SUD treatment without help. You may need insurance coverage or require low-cost facilities and payment plans. can help you find a qualified facility within your price range. We can provide facilities that offer financial assistance and also cater to luxury preferences. 

#8. Credible Practices: You may find it difficult to discern a sketchy program from a credible one. Luckily, LegitScript certification offers patients insight into ethical practices and legitimacy. It shows that you can trust a program. because there is an extra level of transparency involved with LegitScript. Additionally, they continually monitor all certified SUD resources. Unlike other options, obtained and has maintained our LegitScript certification.

#9. Knowledgeable Staff: Are you or your loved one scared about entering detox? Do you know what detoxification does to your body? What protections does the government offer you throughout the process? These questions and so many more could overwhelm you. At, we employ top-notch staff who are ready to answer all your questions. We can walk you through the steps of treatment. With our help, you can feel confident starting to heal.

#10. Educational Content: offers an abundance of educational content about SUD. We pride ourselves on leading the way to intersectional, effective treatment. Our blogs cite the most up-to-date scientific data available. When evaluating sources of information, we look for reliable and valid studies. We try to make our content approachable for the average reader. We break down psychology concepts in an easily digestible way. We believe our educational content will assist you in your detox and rehabilitation journey. is the Best Way to Find a Detox Center for You

Substance use can start casually. A person could look at it as something that they only socially engage in. This can rapidly spiral out of control, though.

Substance use disorder is a serious brain disease that disrupts all areas of a person's life. If you or your loved one struggles with substance abuse, treatment can offer a way out. It won't remove the mental illness entirely, but it can lead you or your loved one toward long-term recovery. Detox ⁠— the first step of treatment⁠ — will allow you or your loved one to sober up in a safe, controlled environment. will help you find a detox center near you for your needs. Start searching today!

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