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Understanding Designer Drug Detox

Designer drugs might be some of the most dangerous substances around because they aren't regulated.

By anyone.

There is little knowledge about how they affect users due to their constantly changing chemical makeup, the lack of anything approaching standards in the underground labs they’re made in, and their illegal nature. That being said, the treatment and detox process for such drugs will vary per person and drug.

Understanding Designer Drug Detox

What Are Designer Drugs?

Designer drugs sound a lot fancier than they are. They are only called that because they are synthetic or created in a lab. The creators use parts of natural drugs and alter them, changing their effect on the brain and users' behaviors.

These drugs are often referred to as "club drugs" or "party drugs" because of how and when they're used. However, as they are made to mimic traditional drugs without the regulations required by drug companies, they tend to be more accessible.

Some common aspects of designer drugs are:

  • Misleading labeling information
  • Inconsistent ingredients and dosages from batch to batch
  • Minimal, if any, safety and health information
  • Altered chemical structure components to stay ahead of the law

All of this makes designer drugs highly addictive and dangerous. Without proper research and knowledge, the risks increase. 

Plus, misinformation about designer drugs has made their popularity heighten. Some people believe that because there are no regulations for such drugs that they are legal to use, drug tests can't detect them and are safe compared to other drugs. None of these are true — again, adding to the dangers.

The Dangers of Designer Drugs

Because designer drugs are created illegally, there is little to no information on what they contain. Someone might believe they are just trying a party drug people tell them is safe when in reality it is contaminated with something that causes a dangerous outcome like seizures, comas, or death.

The misleading assumptions about designer drugs fool people into believing they are safer than well-known dangerous drugs when, in fact, they are so new and everchanging that the research can't keep up.

That lack of knowledge from doctors, scientists, and even the creators of such drugs place the user in an extremely vulnerable position. An addiction to designer drugs makes for a desperate situation. 

Not only are these drugs a danger to one's health but using them can endanger others as well. These drugs affect the body's central nervous system, causing erratic and unpredictable behaviors. 

An article from the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) from 2013 stated, "Some [people] become violent when under the influence, and abusers who operate motor vehicles after using synthetic drugs likely present similar dangers as those under the influence of other abused substances." This only adds to the seriousness of designer drugs' unknowns. 

Because these drugs are created in a lab and so inconsistent with their ingredients, someone seeking the same experience they had last time could suffer terrible consequences from something like contamination or experimentation. None of these drugs have been tested for safety in humans, making them a significant liability. Plus, there have been multiple cases of the powerful opioid fentanyl contaminating supplies of these drugs as well.

These drugs aren't just risky when in use or during withdrawal but can also have long-term effects like issues with mental health. 

The Designer Drug Detox Process

If someone is under the influence of designer drugs, the best thing to do is begin addiction treatment with medically supervised detox. 

This process is more complicated than with more well-studied substances like alcohol but follows the same premise.

The withdrawal symptoms of designer drugs are so uncomfortable that many people who try to stop return to using to ease the pain. This is why immediate detox with guidance is so crucial to recovering safely. 

Because all designer drugs contain different components, have different effects, and have different methods of use, the withdrawal experience will be unpredictable. These symptoms can include but aren't limited to the following unpleasant experiences:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trouble sleeping and fatigue
  • Paranoia
  • Headaches and body aches
  • Loss of appetite
  • Increased heart rate and heart palpitations
  • Chest pain and respiratory depression
  • Tremors
  • Seizures

In a treatment center, these symptoms are cared for with proper medications under the supervision of an experienced medical team. Not only are the physical symptoms handled, but the psychological addictions are also treated thoroughly.

A comprehensive detox experience involves intensive care from the moment of arrival through assessment, treatment, and beyond. As each person's experience with designer drugs differs, the length and intensity of detox and further treatment depend on the recommended treatment plan made by you and the care team. 

Entering into a detox facility is the only studied treatment plan which leads to a successful rehab experience and long-term recovery.

Designer Drugs Are Increasingly Popular … And The Risks Are Growing, Too

There is so much research on designer drugs still needed because these drugs are always changing. That means the full level of harm caused by these drugs is relatively unknown and might be worse than suspected. The misinformation about designer drugs has spread far and wide, leading to addiction and other long-term effects. Getting the proper treatment when using designer drugs starts with detox.

Detox is necessary to prevent the painful symptoms of withdrawal and ensure your health and safety during that process. Experts in drug rehab are trained to care for even the most unpredictable symptoms and issues caused by these drugs. Finding a detox facility near you could save your life. offers everything you need to find the best detox and treatment center near you. Let help begin your recovery today.

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